Teen Bible Quizzing

A Ministry of the Missionary Church

God's Word Working in the Lives of Young People

Since the early 1960s, teen Bible quizzing has been unparalleled in encouraging teens to study and memorize God’s Word. With competition that rivals any team sport, Bible quizzing offers kids a fun, exciting, challenge that gets the word of God into their minds, and more importantly, into their hearts.

In addition to the obvious benefits of learning scripture, there are countless benefits of Bible quizzing. Some of those benefits include:


Teens learn to be disciplined in their study time in order to acheive a goal.

Establish a Habit of Studying God's Word

Setting aside time to study, and doing so on a regular basis, establishes a life-long habit.

Good All-Around Study Habits

The more the students study, the better they remember and this translates into better study habits in school.

Rapid Recall of Information

Along with good study and memorization skills, these students learn to recall the information they have committed to memory, helping them in school, college and beyond.


Bible quizzing is structured in such a way that teamwork is necessary to win, encouraging quizzers to “step up” to their responsibility as a team member.

Leadership Skills

Quizzers are not only leaders on their teams, but more often than not, they become leaders in their church youth groups, building leadership skills for the future.

Perhaps no one can attest to the benefits of Bible quizzing better than those who have been involved in the program throughout the years and have experienced those benefits first-hand.

“I quizzed for 5 years..., memorizing, in order, Romans, James, Acts, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon, Luke, I Corinthians & II Corinthians.... I owe a huge debt to Bible quizzing, or rather, to God, whose grace was made manifest in my life through the Bible quizzing program... I have yet to come across another program so effective in getting teens to memorize the Bible and in creating a love for God’s Word.”

Jonathan Schindler

There is no other program that rivals Bible quizzing. Witnessing the power of God’s Word in the lives of the young people I was lucky enough to coach has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. I saw the things they learned move from their heads into their hearts and, in turn, change their lives. My life has been richly blessed through the scripture, the kids, and the friends I have made in the process.

Rhonda Schreck

“I can honestly say that I might not be walking with Christ today and would certainly not be in the ministry if it were not for Bible quizzing. That has not only been my experience, but the Word of God had the same kind of impact on my teammates. Of the six youth that were on our Championship team, three of us are now full-time pastors in the Missionary church, one is a pastor’s wife, and another young lady became a full-time missionary. This kind of impact is commonplace. Over the years...I have seen the same kind of thing happen in countless lives... Second Timothy 3:16,17 tells us that ‘All Scripture is Godbreathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work...’ What a critical time to be encouraging our youth to be involved in programs like Bible quizzing.”

Gary Aupperle, former quizzer, coach, quiz master, District Quiz Director & Denominational Quiz Director

“Over the years of our involvement with quizzing, we have seen its effect on the lives of young people. It establishes the Word in their lives like nothing else, and it helps them build wholesome relationships that last a lifetime. We have also seen its impact on those who watch. The grandparents of one of our quizzers came to know the Lord in their senior years. They attributed what they saw in the lives of teen quizzers as one of the major influences in their decisions to follow Christ.”

Merlin & Mary Tiede, former coaches & Michigan District Quiz Directors, 12 years